Academic, 2020

Jury's choice for technical prowess

Individual Project for SCI-6338 Introduction to Computational Design
Unity and Python


The project’s goal is to explore the latent space of knowledge and how we connect different ideas. We often explore topics and ideas in isolation - but it would be of equal interest to see where going down different rabbit holes of linking them leads us.

To keep the scope of the project limited – I worked on a sparse subset of Wikipedia articles. And look at how different topics link to one another and further examine the meta information linking these pages together.

Items of interest were - what is the shortest path of getting from one webpage to another? What page do we traverse most often when we are traversing the web? What is the page that links the greatest number of articles?

Lastly the project manifested itself as an interactive tool where users can find and explore this connected world of knowledge and look for connections themselves. For example, on the adjacent page; Raet (Glacial Debris) is being linked to Texas. The path is through a Zimbabwean Dubstep artist (1), The Australian government (3 to 5), An actor and baseball show (6, 7) A baseball Club (8 - 12) and finally to Texas (13).

The path traced between Raet and Texas

An introductory video

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