Moonception, 2019, Competition

Honourable Mention, Top 50 Internationally
Volume Zero

Aditya S. + Indrajeet Haldar

Its humorously remarked that the moon as an object made of swiss cheese. Though amusing, this idea of a symbiotic relationship of bacteria being used to culture cheese is employed as a corner stone in creating this project. Man has now finally come to the very limits of our own planet, and through scientific endeavor and ingenuity which brought us to where we are, we now plan to colonize closest celestial neighbor. The proposal made here outlines how we might settle there and create a sustainable lifestyle on a hostile celestial body by borrowing ideas from cyclic adiabatic processes and from Legos. Located on the lunar north pole on where long days and water Ice are abundant, the colony is almost metaphorical to a celestial Petri-dish where life can grow and prosper over a period of time, a new frontier to test our limits and to forge new goals for a brighter future.

Moonception Proposal Sheet

Itinerant odyssey

Marsception, 2018, Competition

Honourable Mention, Top 10 Internationally
Volume Zero

Individual work

The first travelers to any land are usually explorers. Some explore for the search of riches whilst others seek fame. The human condition of perpetual curiosity has now led us to the cusp of exploring the red planet in the near future. Unlike other explorations where the local flora and fauna might pose a threat; here the environment is one of extreme hostiles.
The proposal illustrated here, explores the possibility of using the planet crater ridden terrain to our advantage by shielding scientists from the harsh sandstorms on the surface. Given that the purpose of such a mission is one of exploration and discovery, bubbles and mobile habitations replace the traditional tent which most explorers are familiar with. The following is more of a toolkit to help explore the harsh, dim, and awe-inspiring landscape of Mars.

Marsception Proposal Sheet

A story in Black and White

Black Taj, 2017, Competition

Honourable Mention, Top 25 Internationally

Chaitra U + Indrajeet Haldar
Rhino + Grasshopper

Among the many empires the Mughals left a mark like no other in our country's history. From the desolate mountains to the lush jungles, their grandeur remains. The project seeks to recreate the triumphs and losses of a family born without a complete kingdom but to die as one of the largest empires in history, experience the rich history , a story in Black and White.

Black taj proposal views
Black taj proposal concept